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iBeacons demonstrator

Written by: Dewire Mobility Labs

March 21, 2014

iBeacons is a fairly recent and interesting technology for anyone looking into mobile solutions. At the core, it can make Mobile Apps aware of proximity to small Bluetooth LE transmitters that come in many different formats and shapes.

We have noticed some interest in this technology, so one of our software engineers (thanks, Tomas!) made a minimalistic demonstrator consisting of an app and a set of beacons.

As you enter the office, the app will be triggered by a beacon, and basically say hello.

As you move around in the office, the demonstrator will make a best guess regarding the distance to the beacon. Distances are not precise, but proximity detection works well.

Onceyou get close enough to an offer (due to being close to the beacon), you will be alerted.

And -  voilà - the coffee is waiting!

This demonstrator is minimalistic and does not really to a great deal of work. But it sure gives a feel for what is possible and not. The number of potential Use Cases to implement are obviously infinite. Immediate responses are typically enthusiastic. Looking closer into each possible application reveals a lot of interesting questions about features, integrity, security and so on.

We are ready to talk to you about how this technology could add a key component to your business model.