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New sensor system alerts and tracks oil spills

Written by: Dewire IoT Team

May 19, 2016

Researchers at Mid Sweden University, together with Mid Sweden Water, Sundsvall's Environmental Office and Dewire have developed a prototype for a new sensor system that can alert and track oil spills in storm drains.

In recent years, the city of Sundsvall has been working to reduce discharge to waterways. However, problems remain with sudden point source pollution which is difficult to detect in time. Often, the spills reach treatment plants or waterways before they are discovered. By then, the aquatic environment has already been contaminated.

Facts about cooperation

Partners in the feasibility study include Mid Sweden Water, the Environmental Office in Sundsvall, and Dewire. 

Mid Sweden Water is responsible for the storm sewer system in Sundsvall, as well as addressing any spills. The Environmental Office in Sundsvall is responsible for environmental protection and environmental monitoring in the city, along with supervision of the Mid Sweden Water water infrastructure. Dewire has delivered a solution that processes and presents data from the alarm system.

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