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Thesis Proposal

Behavior-Driven Development demands a New Breed of Solution Developers

Written by: Dewire Labs Team

November 06, 2016

BDD is a second-generation, outside-in, pull-based, multiple-stakeholder, multiple-scale, high-automation, agile methodology. It describes a cycle of interactions with well-defined outputs, resulting in the delivery of working, tested software that matters.

Disciplined solution development teams have traditionally separated capturing and analyzing requirements and testing into separate team roles.

With the BDD concept and the development of greater tool support, we believe that fewer people can handle both disciplines. This should lead to increased efficiency and higher quality.

The practicing of BDD should lead to a change in solution development team roles and higher efficiency.


  • Defines differences in development teams practicing BDD and those who don't. 
  • Estimate the efficiency potential with BDD. 
  • Estimate the quality potential with BDD.


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