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Thesis Proposal

Distributed Locking Mechanisms

By Dewire Labs Team

September 29, 2017

Many traditional computer systems are often built as monoliths running in a single execution environment. This permits the design and implementation of such systems to make use of the possibility to share memory between process and threads between on the hosting machine. This makes the implementation of synchronization and locking of processes and resources a simple task when required. Many such systems that has grown over the years start facing new requirements of both scalability and redundancy. In such situations challenges are often encountered when the implementation is dependent on the availability of shared memory for locking purposes. The subject of this thesis is to analyze in which situations new implementation must be done and how issues. The student should propose ideas and solutions to locking problems in distributed environments. Both in terms of adaptation of implementation, introduction of new software components as well as changes to the solution architecture. Additionally, performance impact both in computing resources and response times should be evaluated. Read more

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