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Thesis Proposal

Internet of Everything

Written by: Dewire Labs Team

October 31, 2016

Internet as we know it is not only made up of physical entities but of data streams passing between connections. The data used consists of the digitally stored information of a size that nowadays makes it difficult to use traditional database methods. One of the top IT trends of 2016 is Information of Everything (IoE) that is information aggregated by big data.

It is expected that as IoE is spread across the world, the way we perceive the Internet and mobile devices will change. This requires companies to take into consideration that people are different, have different needs and wants and also various combinations of mobile devices, which all need access to the same information. 


  • Study earlier research and new trends to find out the long and short term effects of IoE for enterprises and answer the questions:
    • How can companies manage the differences in combination of mobile devices?
    • What effect will Internet of Everything and big data have on enterprises?

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