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Thesis Proposal

Internet of Things - Big Data Analytics Architecture

Written by: Dewire Labs Team

November 03, 2016

Currently, large amounts of data from numerous sensors stream rapidly into interconnected IT systems for processing and storage. Gartner project that the 0.9 billion sensors and 1.6 billion personal devices that were connected via the Internet in 2009 will become up to 75 billion devices in 2020, constituting the Internet of Things.

Design a Big Data architecture that deals with IoT sensor data ingestion, storage, batch and stream processing and data serving. The system shall be designed for a distinct IoT use-case, receiving sensor data from i.e. connected wearables, a smart city or automated home. Implement a proof-of-concept with suitable tools and architecture.

The project scope can be limited to focus on specific parts of a larger system, i.e. data ingestion and storage or visualizing streaming sensor data.


  • Perform a survey on existing Big Data tools and propose an architecture for a specific IoT use-case.
  • Set up an experimental IoT network and implement a proof-of-concept to evaluate the selected architecture and tools.

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