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Thesis Proposal

Minimalistic Micro-Service Architecture Platform

Written by: Dewire Labs Team

November 11, 2016

The micro-service architecture paradigm has started reaching broad acceptance as a target architecture for new system development. In terms of modern agile methodologies and DevOps style application management micro-services architecture or micro-service inspired application, architecture is a key enabler. Using the micro-service architecture agile methodologies can continue to improve in terms of time-to-market and fast and easy component deployment.

Many large successful IT enterprises such as Spotify, Amazon and Netflix has embraced the micro-service architecture and DevOps application management. But as large enterprises, they have also been able to develop a strong micro-service platform which delivers the runtime frameworks and management interfaces which are vital to the life cycle of micro-services.

Enterprise-grade products are starting to emerge. But for small enterprises and deployments, the choices are so far limited, either by functionality or by price-tag. This thesis should propose such a minimalistic platform using existing open source technologies for small deployments where only parts of the micro-service architecture enablers are needed.


  •  Investigate which key enablers are needed in a minimalistic micro-service architecture.
  • Identify open source components that can be used as enablers.
  • Implement a proof-of-concept deployment capable of delivering identified enablers.

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