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Thesis Proposal

Protection of Personal Data

Written by: Dewire Labs Team

November 08, 2016

Vital personal information is currently not only for your own eyes but is something that you hand over every time you join a social network, book a flight or buy an application to your phone online. But what right do you have to your social security number, bank account numbers and family photos once you have handed it over?

The 5th of May 2016 new regulations and directives was enforced in the EU Member States regarding protection of personal data. These regulations and directives will apply from May 2018 and have the objective to give citizens of the EU control over of their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for businesses.


  • Study previous research and other available information to predict what consequences this will have for individuals and enterprises, both economically and administratively. 
    • Is this currently a big problem for individuals?
    • How much visibility and control will individuals have over the distributed information when the regulations and directives are implemented? 
    • How much will enterprises save/have to pay for the regulations and directives?

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