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Thesis Proposal

Securing Business Data while Unleashing the Potential of Enterprise Mobility

Written by: Dewire Labs Team

October 19, 2016

How can one guarantee the confidentiality of business data when enterprise mobility is part of our daily operation? Enterprise mobility management is a key technology segment that provides the protection required for secure mobile data.

Personal information mobility is currently the norm, still, the corresponding development for businesses is often still struggling. One significant reason for this is the amount of confidential or business critical information handled in companies. However, not all data needs the same rigid security and not all data needs to be shared by all employees. Also, new technical solutions open new possibilities for securing sensitive information in a truly mobile world. 


  • Investigate solutions for securing data 
    • Data handling policies/approaches
    • Technical solutions 
  • Create a model on how to assess data security level 
  • Test the model by using it to present a suggestion for handling of different data based on the existing solutions and security levels


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