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The Inside of Mobile Experiences

Dewire is an IT consultancy company specialized in making mobile experiences happen. So, what is a mobile experience? It is the experience provided when people, information and locations are connected in meaningful ways.

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Bluebird-Proteus CN7

The Bluebird-Proteus CN7 was a technologically advanced wheel-driven land speed record-breaking car, driven by Donald Campbell, built in 1960 and rebuilt in 1962.

Image source: Jeff Carter, National Library of Australia, an22445745


Among our more innovative development projects we are proud to mention modern tablet solutions for retailers, mobile switchboards, and advanced integrations with various backend systems. Our clients include telecom operators, government agencies and businesses of all sizes.

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New technology gives you opportunities to do something different and get ahead of the competition, we can help you stay on the cutting edge.

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Processes, tools, and technology cannot replace ambition, knowledge, and skills. Qualified professionals are needed in order to get value from your investments in business and IT.

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