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Biometrics – You are numbers

Skriven av: DEWIRE AI TEAM

maj 03, 2018

Biometrics, biological measurements, are those values that can be extracted by measuring human characteristics such as the distance between your eyes or the sound of your voice.

You are unique by nature, even identical twins can be distinguished by the look of their irises. This makes your biometric values excellent  for human identification. It can be taken to extreme levels such as governmental surveillance services or be used to make seamless payments. We like to see biometric services with privacy-by-design where your integrity is kept while we still utilize the advantages of biometrics.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep neural networks, this is the discipline and techniques that can discover knowledge out of enormous amount of data, make predictions and even invent new things. Biometric identification is a great example of how we can utilize AI. Size, proportions, texture, color, movement and pitch are examples of measurements that alone or together can form a pattern which can be used for identification. There are technical details that needs to be considered when developing a secure biometric application, such as environmental disturbances, noise in sound or poor light in images. Which machine learning algorithm to be used for a specific use case can also be difficult and requires experience to answer.

Keys to succeed with your biometric service:

  • Make sure that your users privacy is your biggest concern and not an afterthought by building your application with the concept of privacy-by-design.
  • Plan if you require fog or cloud computation depending on your specific use-case. Maybe you need both to create a fast and reliable service.
  • Select the right algorithm for your application with the best ratio between speed and performance for your requirements.

From now on we will see a lot more of these kind of services that track, analyze and identifies people. Make sure that your do it the right way to prevent hurting your users trust and still build awesome applications. Let us help you realize your next innovative solution.