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Liferay DXP - An Open Source Global Leader and Challenger in the Nordics

Skriven av: Dewire Portals Team

december 01, 2016

Gartner's latest evaluation (2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant) of portal vendors recognized (in order) IBM, Liferay, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP as leaders. We think it´s notable that only one open source based product, Liferay, has made to the upper right corner.

Collaboration and Innovation

As innovation culture trends, collaboration models and tools connecting people's thoughts grows stronger. Collaboration needs services enabling automation of activities into transparent workflows. Workflows that connects work needed, work in progress and work done in information repositories operated by people, bots, and related tools. The transparency initiates conversations that tighten the feedback loop and advances teams to collaborate around information.  Conversation is the force that lets people work together and learn together and create new things.

We think that innovations arise when ideas get socialized and applied to reality. Conversation-driven collaboration isn’t new but globalization is. Our experience is that innovating work can successfully be done using communication and collaboration services connecting people no matter where in the world they are located.


Gartner express that digital business requires organizations to improve customer, employee, and partner engagement and satisfaction in the midst of an explosion of information. Portal offerings must step up to meet escalating demands. Leaders of portal development and other digital experience initiatives face more complex and more consequential decisions.

In the past, the term “open source” was associated with free-ware and uncertain development plans while proprietary software was understood to be scalable, reliable and available with enterprise support. As Gartner shows today’s open source leaders are contending with proprietary based competitors in mission critical, high-scalability use cases. Open source alternatives have become a relevant and strategic part of platform planning. Not only matching the features of expensive proprietary products but oftentimes offering them in a lighter-weight and more flexible form and with reliable enterprise support.

Thanks to the global nature of open source development, you can find many teams offering development and support services on a global scale. These teams have naturally gained deep product knowledge enabling them to provide rapid and expert responses.

As an experienced supplier Liferay-based solutions we know that Liferay DXP has a relatively small market share in the Nordics. But in a global view Liferay DXP has a fast-growing case portfolio that includes organizations such as Barclays, Cisco Systems, HP, Airbus, the Council of Europe, U.S. Bank, and other enterprises around the world.

Liferay DXP also demonstrates a wide-reaching developer community:

  • 75,000 technical Liferay.com members
  • Over 7 million downloads
  • Over 500,000 known deployments worldwide
  • Support for over 40 languages
  • Over 249,000 forum posts and enormous knowledge base

Considering Liferay's position in Gartner's Magic Quadrant and a globally fast-growing client base we hold Liferay DXP as a challenger in the Nordic market.