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Omni-Channel Retail explained

Skriven av: Dewire Sales

juni 13, 2014

Internet has reshaped and democratized the consumer market with widespread product information and reviews. The power has been sliding to the consumers advantage slowly for years now while marketing try it's best to put their products in the best spotlight possible.

This is a good thing and the market has become more honest as result. This honesty puts new pressure on retail brands to meet the more educated consumer at their terms. Omni-channel retailing is one such move to meet the consumer in a more educated and honest way.

Omni-channel retail lets your company put your best foot forward regardless of what channel or medium you consumer interacts with your brand through.

Imagine a potential customer, Sofie, she learns about one of your products on social media on the bus then taps through to that product on your responsive web site, finds a related product, customizes it, put's an order but don't want to wait for postal delivery. Since she's in the vicinity of a store that has it in stock, that becomes her choice for payment and pickup. She arrives at the store, scans the order tag, pays and picks up her prepacked bag leaving with a smile.

In a couple of minutes she have gone from interested to a completed sale, after that sale we can get product and service feedback that shares through socialmedia and affects her friends.

Large premium brands have already begun moving towards this retail experience and at Dewire we can help you get there too.