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Web presence is essential for the in-store business

Skriven av: Dewire Portals Team

augusti 14, 2014

Online stores do not compete with traditional stores - they enhance them. A properly planned online store can lead to an increase in total sales or may simply be a necessity for keeping customers.

Studies performed by CBRE reveal that consumers use the internet primarily for product research and to locate stores. Consumers also want the possibility to visit a brick-and-mortar store when purchasing goods online. For example, 70% percent of Belgians (in the study) want to have access to a physical store before buying clothes online.

The CBRE studies find that the web has become a virtual display window enabling customers to source, price and compare products. The same technology helps customers to find physical locations in order to make their purchases.

Why not just have an online channel? The Internet is however a potent transactional and browsing channel. An online-only strategy with superb home delivery services can exceed that of combined in-store and online retailing. But there are major logistical and cost-prohibitive obstructions in the way of expanding home delivery; consumers are not willing to pay for it.

Instead of home delivery, this is solved by offering in-store pick-up. And there is a growing trend of click-and-collect services. As an example has Argos has announced that they are extending their cooperation with eBay by allowing about 65,000 eBay sellers to offer pickup of goods at 650 Argos stores. The Norweigian retailer Jernia has launched a simliar click-and-collect service. (Read more about that in our reference case "Jernia Online Store").

CBRE findings have shown that:

  • 93% have bought an item online over a one-year period
  • 55% have compared a product online when in-store
  • 64% have click-and-collected, and over half of those consumers have gone on to buy other products in-store when picking up their online order.


This shows that having a proper web presence is an essential component for staying in business and increasing sales.