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Public Sector

Public Service is Customer Service

Public Service is Customer Service

The private sector has raised the bar for customer service and people expect the same service from the public sector.

The Nordic countries have developed public service models that are characterized by our relatively small size and that citizen lives in sparsely populated areas. Administrations who understand how to apply information and communication technology to connect their citizens to public service have an opportunity to build the vision for tomorrow’s communities. 


Välkommen Hit

Välkommen hit inleddes som ett samarbete mellan nio kommuner inom projektet eSamverkan där målet var att öka inflyttningen till respektive kommun och effektivisera inflyttningsprocessen. Välkommen hit skall fungera som en inflyttningslots med fokus på att förenkla för medborgare och företagare att hantera sina kontakter med kommunen med hjälp av moderna kommunikationskanaler. Välkommen hit är byggd med Amazon Web Services.

Norskt kulturråd

2017 beslutade sig Norska kulturrådet för att skaffa en ny webbplats för att presentera sig på ett mer öppet och lättillgängligt sätt. Den nya webbplatsen, med ett sidantal på cirka 3000, publicerades ett år senare med Liferay som en teknisk plattform.

SMART Project

Forskningsprojekt som genomfördes under  2016 i syfte att utveckla ett IoT-baserat alarmsystem för att varna för oljespill i dagvattenbrunnar. Projektet genomfördes av Dewire i samarbete med forskare vid Mittuniversitetet och MittSverige Vatten & Avlopp AB. Dewires roll i projektet vara att  konstruera och implementera frontend- och backend-lösningen som baserades på Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison  (1847-1931) was an American inventor and businessman.

He was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of large-scale teamwork to the process of invention, and because of that, he is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory.

Edison's inventions contributed to mass communication and, in particular, telecommunications. These included a stock ticker, a mechanical vote recorder, a battery for an electric car, electrical power, recorded music and motion pictures. His advanced work in these fields was an outgrowth of his early career as a telegraph operator.

Telegraph image source: Wikimedia Commons Portrait image source: Bibliothèque nationale de France
Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration

Thomas A. Edison

White Papers

We are eager to inspire your work by sharing our technology and industry insights with you.

Rethinking data erasure in the era of the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") specifies the number of conditions under which an organization that processes personal data is required to erase it. However, the GDPR does not define the term "erasure," and it is not immediately obvious what an organization must do in order to comply with the GDPR's erasure requirements. Organizations that process personal data through the use of flash memory storage devices, such as solid state drives, face a special challenge in light of the difficulty of achieving secure erasure from those media. This white paper provides several suggestions about how to comply with a GDPR data erasure obligation.

Benefits of having focus on web accessibility

Almost every Swede has the possibility to connect to the Internet, often from a wide array of devices. But some people have difficulties to access the web due to disabilities. Disabilities that can present themselves in a variety of ways and can arise due to different causes, such as results of accidents, birth defects or fallout due to aging. There are two ways to handle this, to have good web accessibility and with aiding technology for people with needs, though some of these aids need the websites to be developed in a certain and accessible way to work properly. The challenge thereby is to find out how companies, both developers and clients, can create as well as gain value by working with web accessibility, as well as to find what these values can be. The conducted study has lead to results showing that web accessibility can be value creating for businesses as well as for the users. Among the benefits are financial gains, lowered needs for customer support, reduced risk of legal actions, gains of good will and public relations, and the possibility of more potential customers.

Improving your business model with web accessibility

To increase the chances of succeeding with your business model you need to consider what problem your customer really needs help with. One way for this is to study barriers leading to the need of assistance from you. In this white paper we use a model based upon the customer’s lack of accessibility, skill, time, or monetary funds.


Enterprise Mobility 2018 – Moving from Chaos to Structure

By Dewire Mobility TEam

Enterprise Mobility is hotter than ever, organizations are shifting from stationary to mobile work at a tremendous pace. This enables organizations to integrate and manage devices to the enterprise infrastructure and can bring great benefits when used correctly, such as higher employee productivity and satisfaction. It also supports organizations in planning, increasing effectiveness and to achieve missions and objectives. Reports have shown that more than 73 % of companies today are planning to mobilize their entire organization. This can provide great value for organizations given that the employees use devices and in an intended way. Läs mer

Liferay DXP - An Open Source Global Leader and Challenger in the Nordics

By Dewire Portals Team

Gartner's latest evaluation (2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant) of portal vendors recognized (in order) IBM, Liferay, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP as leaders. We think it´s notable that only one open source based product, Liferay, has made to the upper right corner. Läs mer

Norge lagstiftar om tillgänglighet

By Dewire UX team

Riktlinjer för att utveckla tillgängliga webbplatser har funnits ett tag nu och det har redan gått sju år sedan WCAG 2.0, den nuvarande versionen av Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, publicerades. Men hur väl de efterföljs varierar mellan olika länder. Läs mer

Goals and Practices for a Successful Company Website

By Dewire Portals team

Goals and Practices for a Successful Company Website

On the web, you can reach out to your customers around the clock. Today, one third of websites are visited using mobile phones. With responsive design, websites should be useable regardless of whether the customer is sitting on the computer, using a tablet, or is on-the-go with a smartphone in hand. Even if your online sales are low you need web presence to build credibility. Läs mer